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Today, the first Meijer grocery store opens in Sudbury, Michigan, at the corner of East Main Street and West Grand River Avenue. The store has 2,000 food items, from Meijier brands to locally made products. Next, a new, state-of-the-art, 1,500 square foot full-service convenience store will open in the coming weeks, according to a company press release.

The former ice hockey arena, which includes a complex entrance and an IMAX theatre, is also located on the site. Sudbury also bears the name of the city's first professional sports team, Sudbury's Spartans Football Club, which played in the Northern Football Conference in 1954.

STC has its own downtown theater, while TNO has staged its productions at a location on the College Boreal campus. There is also a branch of the Ontario Provincial Police located on the site of a former police station in the heart of downtown Sudbury.

Sudbury is connected to all parts of the city, including the Trans-Canada Trail that runs through the city. There are no freeways, but there is a north-east-south bus stop at the intersection of I-95 and I-10, which runs through the area twice a week in both directions. In the north and east of the area, there are bus stops for the Sudbury Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and Ontario Provincial Police, as well as bus service to remote inland communities that are not accessible by road. It serves remote inner-city communities that are not on accessible roads, such as the town of St. John's and a number of rural communities.

Intercity bus service is also provided through the Sudbury, Ontario Northland Bus Terminal, the only bus terminal in the city and the second largest in Ontario. The airport serves several destinations in northern Ontario, including North Bay and Sault Ste.

Child mental health is provided by the Regional Centre for Child Psychiatry, operated by the Northeast Mental Health Centre, located at Sudbury Regional Hospital in the north end of the city and adjacent to the Northland Bus Terminal. Adult mental health is provided in this area by Sudbury's Health Services, a division of the Health Sciences Centre of Ontario.

There are two Starbucks in town, one in downtown Sudbury and one near the Northland Bus Terminal. They offer a variety of coffees and teas, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Starbucks is covered by Starbucks, although there are other coffee shops, such as the Starbucks Coffee House in Keenequaint. There is also a café on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue and a grocery store on the northern end of the city.

Sudbury also houses the Regional Cancer Programme, which treats cancer patients from the north. The city's Nickel District Conservation Authority runs a number of conservation programs, including Sudbury Conservation Park and the Northland Conservation Area. Also located within the city limits are Uplands National Park, Great Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Superior State Park. There is also a mining heritage monument overlooking the Bell Park, as well as a public park and recreation centre, both operated by the city's nature conservation authority.

It is the largest city in northern Ontario in terms of population and is one of the largest cities in Ontario in terms of land area and the fifth largest in Canada. The population lives in many small communities scattered around the city, many of them in hills and rocks blackened by historical melting activities. It consists of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, formerly known as Whitefish Lake, and Wahnapitei First Nation, an enclave within the city limits, but not counted as within its borders. That figure does not include the communities of Markstay and Warren, both of which are part of the separate Sudbury District.

The districts of the federal and state governments do not have identical borders despite the same name. The Walden District of the city is located in the north - in the central part of Ontario, a little north of Sudbury, and the Federal District is divided into two separate districts, the North-West District and South-East District. Although the former towns upstream are still under their old names and in some respects retain their original names, their urban core is now referred to as "Sudbury." Liberals have been strong in this race, which has elected members of both parties at different times, but the NDP has not.

There are a number of sports teams in the city, including the Sudbury Wolves, who play at the Sudbury Community Arena. The underground laboratory was originally built as the Northeast Neutrino Observatory and will continue to operate as SNOLAB, but has since been expanded and is now complete. Roche, which operates from Boston, will open its first office in Canada next year, and next year Roche will also open its first office in North America through a joint venture with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMass). The Sudbury's Tool Library and Makerspace is located in the north of the city, adjacent to the North-West District and South-East District.

More About Sudbury

More About Sudbury